GOD, I never been soo close to giving up on life then right now.. I don''t want to do it anymore. Nothing has ever gone my way and I just can take it. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS FEEL LIKE YOU DON''T HEAR ME! WHY!!! You see my tears, You feel my pain. I hate it here, everything in my life sucks, maybe what is up there is better this. God please do something fast because I am on the edge and I''m giving up soon.... Full Message
please help, i need to move, i have know place to move that i can afford, i have gone without many times in order to pay the bills since my husband passed, in december, my landlord is giving the property to her brother, he wont lower the rent for me to stay matter of fact he want to raise the rent even more, please let your divine will over rule on my behalf and send me to the place i can afford to live, without going without.... Full Message
dear lord jesus, i need your help, you have seen my struggles, since my husband passed, you have seen me go without food in order for me to pay the bills, please lord heavenly father i as this prayer in jesus name, help me find another place to live one that i can afford to live in, my landlords brother is taking over the property in which i live in, and he wants to raise the rent and or force me to move, please help me... Full Message
God, please heal my heart from all the pain my ex-boyfriend put me through for six and half years. Help me find a man that will never hurt me and a man who will love me with all of his heart and soul. PHM... Full Message
My step father Robert Zayas is 81 and medically sick with his bladder and thin blood....
GOD, please help me to stay focused on YOU, the mountain mover. My son is home from rehab and struggling with depression. He did so well while at the facility and after being home 2 weeks he is struggling...not using but struggling. It is more than I can bear to watch and then I am reminded that you are the GREAT MOUNTAIN MOVER and that YOUR timing is perfect. Please heal my son. Give him a clear mind so he can honor you. PHM... Full Message
Hi I have suffered from mental illness for 10 years. I would like to be cured and to ask GOD for the right things and oppurtunities in my life. Please help me get off the medication and get better.... Full Message
 God Im just asking for your guidance. Continue to Bless me the way you have. Forgive me for my sins. Pray for my family and friends and guide them also. I know my financial situation will get better and you will lead me to that special individual. Amen!... Full Message
God please help me right now...
Dear Lord I am in need in increase financial help to paid the bills and to bless someone else worst than me. God I also need a job, my desire is to work as a nurse in a correctional medical center. In Jesus name I pray. PHM... Full Message
 I''m 17 and pregnant but most of all I am scared.  The doctors said that the baby will be born with complications. I don\\''t know what to do. I have no job, all of my friends do not want to talk to me anymore, and my mother just tells me its all my fault. I feel really alone and I''m soo stressed about my baby Jacob. I really need some prayer and I just hope that their is someone praying for me besides myself. ... Full Message
 GOD, last night I was almost attacked by some strange man. I know you where watching me because as so as he grab me a police man showed up to stop him. THANK YOU SOO MUCH. I feel like it had something to do with me going to church yesterday morning because I felt you there. Please continue to watch over me. ... Full Message
 GOD, its me. Please tell my wife Marie who is up there with you now that I miss her soo much and I love her deeply. Please tell her that I finally stopped smoking after all these years of her asking me and I finally got around to finishing the patio. Tell her that it is soo pretty and that she was right, it did needed to be painted white. I really miss her and I can''t wait to see her again. PHM... Full Message
I have 2 cats that disappeared about 6 months ago. I've done everything along with prayer to get them back or at least know what happened to them. I have 2 pieces of my heart missing and I''m devistated. I thank you for everything I do have and just want my boys to come home, God PHM.... Full Message
 Normally I do not pray for Politics. But Please help guide the country back on the right path. I don\\''t care who is in office Dems or Reps, I just want things to get better so that my daughter can have a life that is better than my own.... Full Message
 I have a daughter name Sidney who has been in and out of jail for the past 4years. She was on the run for 3 months and they picked her up and took her to jail. She has court tomorrow on what they are going to do with her. She was on meth for the past two months. When i saw her she look like she was on deaths door. It killed me on the end side to see my daughter this way. Please pray for her to get threw this and God has his hand in this. ... Full Message
 I feel very lost in this moment I have been living by the book not breaking any laws or doing anything wrong, I only wish for an honest job so I can help put food on the table and not have to leave school and at least make enough so we can buy at least one good pair of pant this year! I'm tired of sowing up are old pant's there only so many times you can do this! I not looking for wealth, Just wisdom!... Full Message
 Please Pray for my Friend. she is not a Christian and she is very depressed and does not like her self at all. She had a friend that passed away last weekend. Please keep her in ur prayers thanks :) PHM... Full Message
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