God, I am praying for a miracle. I just over drafted by $200 dollars to buy my 4 kids clothes for the school year. Please hear me....
God Please help my friend. She is having a lot of money issues and she could really use your help right now. Love you...
God Please hear me. My son is in the hospital and I been told that our hospital bill the insurance will not cover it. I work at good job but I am afraid it just won't be enough. Please help me God!... Full Message
Dear God, I’m really new to this but I am in a horrible situation. I’ve been dating this man for about four months and things were wonderful. And he found out that I used to be in a relationship with his best friend. It was a long time ago, but I pray that he let's the past be the past.... Full Message
God please help my child. They were injured in a car accident yesterday and I need you to be with them. Please everyone pray for Danny....
The muslim should follow the HOLY QURAN .....
O God Please help me.......
Update : God, You help me. I prayed for my love to come back into my life and you showed me that it was possible. You really are watching over me and I appearicate every thing you do for me. Thank you soo much for keeping me by your side and hearing my prayers. "Ask and you shall receive" That is the truest thing i ever heard of. Thank you soo much God. I love you... Full Message
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Abdoul Fatao Kone is a 6-year-old boy living in Bobo Dioulasso (southwest Burkina Faso) ventricular septal defect (VSD)—a hole in his heart. Although his parents have known about Fatao’s condition for years, they’ve never been able to afford the necessary medical care. Instead, they tried traditional medicines and methods. Traditional methods include scarring the skin with small holes and placing herbs in the holes then washing the body with a mixture of boiled leaves. Please keep him in your heart and pray that God will help answer his prayers.... Full Message
I think the best thing to teach our kids is how to pray. So many people have pushed this aside to the back of their mind that they forget to teach their kids how to have a relationship with God. Praying is by far the best weapon of survival we have against anything challenge we cross. And I also think that is up to us to live by examples and show our kids what it is like to walk in faith. I strongly believe that we can all teach our kids to survive through the story of Us by actually leaving a story of Us behind so that they know and can see the power of God in the lives we live.... Full Message
God, someone tried to break into my house last night. Please watch over my family until I am able to buy a gun to protect them. Also please watch over my sister. She is really going through a tough time right now and she really needs your help lord jesus. God Please Help Us... Full Message
OMG! I had an encounter with the HolySpirit yesterday while in Church, as we were praising and worshipping I began to speak in tongues, I couldnt control myself. It was awesome. I wish to thank the Holy Spirit for making me experience a miracle. I have always asked Him for this gift and now I feel honoured!... Full Message
Be blessed. I would like us all to pray that God's love should fill us all and overflow to others. there is too much hatred, rejection and self destruction in the Christian society. so if we love one another, there would be no gossips, discrimination and division among us. This is mr request. thank you. Together in LOVE we can pull down the strongholds of satan in the Christian Community.... Full Message
Today is the day, that I am going to kill myself. Please forgive me....
Novena of Confidence to the Sacred Heart O LORD JESUS CHRIST: To your most Sacred Heart, I confide this intention (mention your request) S and I can divide our finances and finish the paper work Only look upon me, And then do What your Sacred Heart inspires. Let your Sacred Heart decide; I count on it, I trust in it; I throw myself on Your mercy, Lord Jesus! You will not fail me. You are always here for me! Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I believe in Your love for me. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your Kingdom come. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have asked You for many favors, But I earnestly implore this one. Please take it and Thank You. Place it in Your own open, broken, beautiful Heart; And, when the Eternal Father looks upon It, Covered with Your Precious Blood, He will not refuse it. It will no longer be my prayer, But Yours... Full Message
Be Tough, Feel no pain, Don't feel hurt or shame Sit straight, Chin up Look straight when you stand Be Tough, Be Hard, Be all you can be, Be tough, Be a man But Don't cry for me When I'm gone, Don't ask why Just watch me leave Don't Chase, Don't Run Don't come after me Just smile Be glad Be proud of me Be happy that you can now live life without me Isn't it fun, Isn't great, This present from me Be Tough, Be Hard, I'll help make you be, Be tough, Be a man that don't cry for me "Well I tried being Tough, It must not work for me, Because I can't smile, and be happy as I watch you leave, I can't not cry because that not what I do When I'm hurt, and this hurt, I will always show you My love for you is real, So I will say how I feel, I would never just try to swallow it down like a pill I can't not say I'll stop trying, If ... Full Message
Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me, and You who are in all instances of my life with me. I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory. Amen CM is in my arms, from her heart she tells me how much she loves me. We are living together and growing as husband and wife! building our relationship on the foundation of Jesus Christ... TJ is disease free (thank You). While mentioning your request, you must promise to either publish this prayer or to circulate the favor. Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, the request will be granted, no matt... Full Message
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God, i lost my heart. She ran away and left me. I tried to keep it close, I tried to squeeze it back into my chest, hold it there as I remember how warm it always felt. As it beats in my arms, it sounds like words of an Angel (beat, beat, beat) but telling me to Please let her be. I cried and teared saying "NO heart you are mines. You belong to me, and in my chest you will always beat". Its pumps sounds like the voice of an angel (Pump, Pump, Pump)but telling me she is done. But yet she still left me. Heart, You make me feel live, since you been gone it is soo hard to breath. Soo hard to sleep. Soo hard to even eat. I forgot the feeling of hungry yesterday, and haven't noticed it today. I really wish things where better, I wish things where different. My wish feel like they make no sound ( ) just space between brackets that carry no weight, no o... Full Message
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