God ! am Applying for home loan , Please help me ! if loan will passed i'll give some money to charity ! Thanks GOD...
dear god please help me find a christian woman who has time for me and is around my age and lives near me...
Yesterday I went on a date with someone who has been a friend for a while now and he told me that he liked me and wanted us to start a relationship with me. I told him that I liked him too but however, he couldnt keep his hands off me and that made me uncomfortable that I have a sense of guilt that I shouldnt have allowed him to kiss me like that. I then lost interest in him . I made a convenant with God not to engage in premarital life. Now I'm filled with guilt that something bad will happen to me despite not sleeping with that guy and though I made it clear that I wasnt happy with his behavior. I've worked so hard to establish a new relationship with God that I dont want to ruin it. I told the guy that I'd prefer if we stayed friends as I have come out of a recent disappointment(broke n engagement).Can someone please pray for me, I asked for Gods forgiven... Full Message


I just wanted to say gorgeous site. I pray that you succeed and connect the world.
If you were looking for some sort of sign, Here it is. There is someone who lives VERY close to you, They are waiting for you to find your way to them. Message, text, IM, or find them, Talk to them. They are missing you so much right now, and would benefit from you just saying,Hey, This is directed to YOU. Go tell them you miss the way it was. You are in their prayers. You are still sitting there, But they are crying over you every time someone mentions your name, Go heal their heart. . . Someone with a name that starts from L-O. Good luck to you all.... Full Message
God, I know I have been pushing this, but, everyday things have gotten worse. I have been diagnosed with depression, and only just recently stopped burning myself. I still miss him,and I know Im not supposed to question you, but Lord, why is it you gave me a boy who I loved, and every time I prayed for something with him, you would make it happen, but then you just took him away from me. Then you let him spread all these nasty lies, and I just, I dont CARE what he said anymore Lord, and I have been asking you over and over again, please Lord, just give him back to me. I want him to hold me and kiss me again. We never took it to far, I never let him, I did that for you. I know it is wrong, I know, I know we are not supposed to be together, I am not supposed to have these feelings, and I know our parents said we cant talk anymore, but Lord, please, I want ... Full Message
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God, please help my friend Mary who just lost her job. She was with a company for 20 years and now they have just let her go. I feel really bad about this whole thing and I just pray that you will hear me now and let her quickly find another job. Many people are suffering down here lord, and we really believe you in and fellow your way. Please help us.... Full Message
Dear God please help me lately I have been feeling down I wish I had a boyfriend I know its kind of pointless telling you all this but Ive had enough of being lonely everyone around me seems to have someone and I keep thinking Im never going to find the right one so please lord help me find someone...... Full Message
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God, I pray for my mom to find her true love. She has been really trying her best to find her soul mate since Dad died but she has not had any luck so far. I pray that you will send her true love to her and let her be happy again. Thank you for everything and Happy Valentines day to everyone else. God Bless you all.... Full Message
It is valentines day and I just pray that when I ask my friend who has been in my life through the divorce, the fight with cancer, and all of the ups-and-downs of life, to be my valentines that she will say yes. God please hear my prayer and make my wish come true. Amen... Full Message
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God, one of your most cherished and loved souls have returned to you. Whitney Houston was an angel on earth and everytime she would sang it was like the doors to heaven would open up. Please watch over her love ones as they go through these hard times and my you be with them every step of the way. Thank you. Amen... Full Message
Wednesday i will be operated to Laproscopy and Estrocopy surgery at 8 am. I pray the god the results to be favourable for me and for child birth soon. So kindly pray for my health and good results on that surgery anuradha salem... Full Message
People of Faith, please pray for me as I battle my heart sickness. The doctors say it is going to get worst and I just ask for you guys to keep me in your heart. My name is Jone, and I believe that I am about to die. I just ask for your prayers. I will check back in a few days to see if anyone prayers for me. Thanks... Full Message
Heavenly Father, thank You for empowering me to live in victory today. I choose to take my life back by taking captive every thought and submitting it to You. Help me live a life that is pleasing to You, Jesus, today and every day in Jesus’ name, Amen.... Full Message
Hello everyone, my name is Nicole and I am a 19 year girl in a serious relationship with a man who feels that it is wrong for me to be going out with my friends and having fun. He saids that I should changed my lifestyle around and chose him over my friends. He also saids it is not christian like to be running the streets every chance I get. I am soo confuse. I still want to have fun like any girl my age would but I also want to be with him. Please help me find the answer in my life and give me your advice. Is it wrong for me to want to have fun? Or is he right about me not doing the things a christian girl would do?... Full Message
My name is Sammie and I am a single mom with a 9-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son. My daughter is on the honor roll at her school and my son is just horrible! He talks back. He curses me out. His kindergarten teacher even calls me in the middle of class because he will not listen to her. I feel bad but I DO spank him but never as hard as I feel like I should. Every time I do try to decpline him, he laughs and makes jokes through the whole entire whopping. I really feel like he is a devil child and I've even taken him to our pastor at the church, and he bite him. I really don’t know what to do Lord but I pray that you hear my prayer and answer my request. Please help save my demon child because he does not have a dad in his life, but he has You. I know you can save my child so that he does not grow up to be a demon.... Full Message
Dear God, my husband and I have been married for 10 years and we have two kids together and we where in the process of trying to have another. God I try to be an fantastic wife but I recently found out that my husband has disregard his vows and has been unfaithful with me. Father God, in the past I have brushed off a lot of things when it comes to problems in our relation because again I try to be a strong woman. But I can not forgive him for this. Please God, we have a family and I just would like for you to talk to me and let me know the right thing that I should do. I do not believe in divorce and I want to work it out for the kids but this may be too much for me to handle. Am I a bad person for breaking up our family?... Full Message
Heavenly Father, thank You so much for working in my life. Thank You for producing good fruit by Your spirit. I ask you to keep working yoru miracles in it. I submit myself to You today and invite You to continue Your work in me. You have blessed me so I will honor You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.... Full Message
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