God i come to you today grateful of everything you have done for me in my life. Thank you for providing me with a job so that i am able to do something special for my love this Valentines Day. We gone many years doing particularly nothing to being able to afford the better things in life and I just feel that I am able to do all of this because of you Holy Spirit. Thank you for answering my prayers and hearing them.... Full Message
I really want to send this prayer request to you today Lord Jesus because I desperately want to get married. I please Jesus hear my prayer and help me find the soul mate of my life. I have been filling really empty since my wife divorce me and I just miss the feeling of being married soo much that some night I pay people to just lay in the bed next to me. It is very sad that this is the case for my life Jesus but as you said in the bible this does not have to be permament. Please come into my life Lord Jesus and help my situation. I love you soo much god. Please hear my prayer.... Full Message
God I have been friends with this woman who is forty years my senior. She says she is in love with me and that I remind her of her late husband who has been dead for 5 years ago. God every time I spend time with her, she says I look like her husband how I should cut my facial hair to look even more like him. And whenever I tell her to not compare me to her husband she throws everything that she has done for me in my face and like the expensive gifts she gotten me and has large amounts of money. God I feel lost. I do not know what I should do. She has been a really good friend and now she even gets upset about me not being sexually active with her. I am close to her son age and I have explained to her I am not interest in her in that way. I really hope You can better our friendship before it falls apart. She is a really nice person and I appreciate what a b... Full Message
God Please HELP Me, My boyfriend is being really evil towards me. I go to his house every day and he will never let me come inside. I call his phone 20 times a day and he saids for me to get lost and go to hell. I even pulled up to his car while he was getting in and he just drove off not saying one word too me. God please hear my prayer. I have been crying my eyes out because I have NO IDEA WHAT IT IS I HAVE DONE. I just wish I could hold him one more time and tell him I love him. Please Please Please God either bring him back into my life or get this feeling of love out of my heart because I can not take it anymore. God its even got so bad that one day I snuck into his house through the back door and he found me laying on his bed. I know I should not have done that but I thought if he saw me all dressed up and looking sexy he would change his mind. Bu... Full Message
GOD, I'm a 20 year old in love with a 42 year old. I know most people would feel like our love is taboo but I this man with all of my heart and soul. I really feel like he is the one for me and that you put him on this earth to be with me. But He is starting to become too much for even me to handle. GOD I am starting to feel like he only wants for my body because he has such a high sex drive that I can keep him off of me! God when he wants it, he gets it. It is even starting to get to the point where it is becoming too physically aggressive. I have complained about it to him and how he needs to slow it down because he is starting to hurt me but he does not seem to care one bit. God I really really love this man, but I have to know does he really love me for me or is he just using me for my body?... Full Message
Heavenly Father, I pray that my son gets the job of his dreams today. He has an interview with the Capital and I wish that he gets it....
I am pregnant with our first child and he has a nine-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. His daughter lives in another state and his ex-wife does not let him visit his daughter when he wants. When he calls to speak to his daughter, his ex will sometimes answer, if she misses the call she will not call back. He rarely if ever gets a chase to speak to his daughter. She always says that his daughter is busy with homework or something else. Anyway, I know this really hurts my husband. The ex will not give an address, yet she asked him for ours. Once we drove to visit the daughter and when we got into town the ex told my husband that the daughter was too busy to meet with him. My husband is a great man and has always been a faithful church going God fearing man. He deserves soo much better than this Lord. God I pray you to intervene and help my husba... Full Message
God please help Aunt. I think she might have breast cancer. She has a huge lump forming on her chest and she is going to see a doctor tomorrow :'(. I just hope for good news.... Full Message
Dear God, My husband and I got married earlier this year and I'm beginning to think that my husband is obsessing over his ex. We were watching a movie once and he said that one of the characters looked liked his ex. And in the grocery store he saw a woman he said reminded him of his ex. Even worst, we were listening to an R&B album, and he told me that his daughter that he had with his ex was conceived to the song! And just a few days ago when I was fussing at him he called me by the ex's name! He told me that they haven't been together since he been with me, but I don't know why he would make a slip of the tongue like that and it has been so many years. What really made me want to pray to you today is because I found a naked picture of the ex that he had been keeping on his computer, and in his office I found her hospital band when she delivered and he... Full Message
Dear God please forgive for my girlfriend Leah. She recently told me that she has been cheating on me for the last 3 years with my best friend. Now I dont even know if I can say if my two children are really mines. God I know have sinned in the past but have been dedicated my life to this woman and I am still committed to ready to work this out for our family. God I ask for you to keep our family together and my hopes alive because I do not want this to be the end of us.... Full Message
Dear God, My heart is hurt Lord deeply and i pray that you can can help me feel better inside.I pray for my cousin Mori and ask you to bless her heart and soul. I pray she will realize we are part of the beautiful family we were born into.I pray God that she will some day realize she is not perfect,and search her soul to become a better relative to the poorer ones on earth.All we needed was respect and to give us encouragement for we went through hell trying to do our best for our very sick sister,and she could never take the time to give us the time of day.We went though hell growing up.We did have love of our parents but they were not perfect and we made it with the help of God and our love for each other. Yes, here we are adults and I pray Lord to feel better in my heart and ask you to Bless her and keep her in your care and pray some day she will take th... Full Message
i ask all of you those who read this to pray for me.I like a guy but i want to know what is god's will in my life regarding him.Requesting your prayers so that it would strenghten me and help me to reach a decision. Thanking you Praise god!... Full Message
God I pray for family, my love, my disability and my legal issues.
God please here my prayer request and come quickly ...
Holy Father I need to ask you for a miracle wedding. I would like to get married by the end of this year. But I have no one in my life. I am a beautiful 35 year old woman who just want to feel fulfilled and start a family. Please god help me.... Full Message
Dear God, I just want to thank you for blessing me with soo many new opportunities. This time last year I was fresh out of college struggling to find a job, living at my parent's house, with no car. I remember seeing the job market and the economy getting worst and worst. Now fast-ward to today. I have a job as a reporter at my local news station, my own house, and a brand new car. And I am going own a dream vacation to Rome this March with the man of my dreams. I really want to thank you soo much for all that you have done for me in my life. Thank you soo much for all of these opportunities GOD. You really have answered all of my prayers and more. Thank you.... Full Message
God, please come into my life and help me have a better marriage. I am trying my best to be the best wife I know how to be. Though we got married young I still feel like that should not be an issue to the problems that I am having with my husband Keoto. God, I pray that you use your prayer and help us have a better marriage.... Full Message
Dear God, I know you have spoken to me and him. I want to keep beleiving you are working for us to get back together. He had been texting me this week up until last night. You know how much I love him and want us to be back together as a family. It has been too long since we seperated and Im starting to lose hope again. Please remove Mayra completely out of his life. Im starting to think the reason he starts missing me and texting him is because they argue or either break up and then when he stops, they are ok with each other. We were together 11 yrs and have a special needs child God, please reunite us and bless our family so we can finally get married... Full Message
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