Jan 06,2012  6:18 am
"TGIF" I just want to thank you for allowing me to make it another week in your favor god. Thanks for all your help you have done in my life. You have change me in soo many ways, anything I ask for you answer and gave to me. You didn't come right away when I wanted you to but you where there right on time when I needed you. Thank you so much lord, and please stay in my life. Amen... Full Message


Jan 03,2012  6:01 pm
"me and my life" i really need you please come into my life and turn it around in ways that i didnt fink was possible... pls give me the confidence and love for myself i once had i wanna believe in myself again and have a job im proud of and mostly that my mum and family can be proud of. i want to show that anything they can do i can do the same if nt better... my mum always says shes proud of me and i do my best and help out as best i can bt ino when she speaks to my friends parents and our family back home she wishes she could say i was doing more., most of my friends are all graduats and drive and our doing jobs in there graduated course and ino that she may wish she had those pics of me in a gown with her beside me proud. i work fulltime as a superviser in retail. i have dreams of being an actress and a speaker for young people and young adults like myself and im very g... Full Message


Jan 03,2012  5:39 pm
"me and my mum" mum who is my world and my rock. shes so strong and has raised me and my 4siblins and my nieces and nephews she is also the world to my brothers kids so much so she stays at my brother and his wifes on friday till sat and then sunday morning goes there in the morning to make the kids breakfast then comes back home she does all this by bus as she doesnt drive anymore and i dnt have a car or a licence... mon-fri my mum works four cleaning jobs frm leaves the house at 5am and returns at she is 60 and has arthoritis and is a diebetic bt stil gets up and works. she has a mortage that she regrets getting as she got it with 1of my siblins as i dnt earn enough and she doesnt.. even doe she pays it with help from me i used to work parttime in the morning and study in the day then wrk in a bar and fit in my drama workshops i used to attend so ild have enough money for... Full Message


Jan 03,2012  2:51 pm
"Trying" Im trying to do something amazing for my family and friends and it is like every where I turn a door closes in my face. I feel trapped and I am begging you to open one door to allow me to be a blessing to everyone in my life.... Full Message


Jan 02,2012  11:57 am
"JOB AND SALARY,NEW HOUSE,EXAM" Hi, My name is Arun(Kuriakose ).I am an Indian engineer working in dubai.I belong to a poor family,Father had lot of debts,Brother s weak in studies,we didnot have a own house yet,My family is living in a rented house.My family life in India is so miserable,due to the burden of debts.Due to this reason my family cant attend any function,marriages etc.My parents had suffered lot of insults and bad words. My job in dubai is actually lower in salary and position when compared to my education.In our office there are a lot of unhealthy politics and due to that i had lot of enemies also.Office atmosphere is not peaceful. For, getting a progress in job and salary, i joined for a distant education mode, part time MBA in a universtity in India.This december i went India for writing the 2 nd year exams,I spend lot of money to go India for writing exams.But my... Full Message


Jan 01,2012  3:25 pm
"My wife left me yesterday" My wife Ann, left me yesterday. She went to another country Tanzania. Im allone with our child here in Kenya. Im from Skandinavia, but lives here in Kenya. No family here, only me, my kid and Jesus. I'm so sad, don't know what to do. I need help. This is painful. Have pain in my heart. Please pray for her, that she will come back to us. We need her. I love her so much. Allso pray that she will be filled up by the Holy Spirit. She need more of Jesus. God bless you all. Br. Dan... Full Message


Dec 31,2011  9:45 pm
"Mayan Calender" please let them be wrong. I would really hate for this to be the last year of my life because things are starting to finally go my way. I live my life by your Calender, not by the Mayan's.... Full Message


Dec 31,2011  9:41 pm
"GoodBye 2011" another year gone by and I feel like I wasted it. I tried my hardest to change the world around me but I did not reach my goal of getting out of the bad situations that plague my life. The way I feel now is a mix between shame, depression, and hate. Everywhere I turn I hear about how you are blessing others and, I just sit and wait patiently until you call my name for my turn to make a difference in people's life. I just feel like you might be taking you time, i can't live forever.... Full Message


Dec 31,2011  4:47 am
"R.I.P. My Little Baby Chanel" May my little baby Chanel be happy and healthy in a place with lots of angels and blessings around her... R.I.P. my little baby Chanel ... You will be missed... We all love you...... Full Message


Dec 30,2011  7:44 am
"The PRAYER" I come to you hungry and tired
you give food, you let me sleep
I come to you weak
you give strength and that's deep
you called me a sheep
and lead me to green pastures
only asking that I keep the focus
in between the chapters

You give me the word and only ask that I interpret
And give me the eyes that I may recognize the serpent
You know I ain't perfect, but you'd like me to try
Unlike the devil who just wants me to lie untill I die

Lord why is it that, I go through so much pain
All I saw was black, all I felt was rain
I come to you because it's you who knows
You showed me that everything was black
Because me eyes were closed

You give me the light and let me bask in your glory
So it was only right that when you... Full Message


Dec 29,2011  12:24 pm
"Thank You" I wanna take a minute, not to ask for anything from you. But simply to say thank you, for all I have....


Dec 29,2011  8:58 am
"The Sky is Falling" I just wanted to say this to all the members of this site. We all pray for a better day but when it feels like the sky is falling on you.. Maybe God is just lifting you up.... Full Message


Dec 29,2011  8:56 am
"A world without YOU" sometimes it shocks me when I hear people talk like you don't exist. I'd much rather live as there is a God,die and be wrong. Than to live ,die and discover that there is a God.... Full Message


Dec 28,2011  6:56 am
"Father in Heaven" Father in heaven, thank You for choosing to make Your home in me. Thank You for filling me with Your peace and joy. I bless You today knowing that You will never leave me nor forsake me in Jesus’ name. Amen... Full Message


Dec 27,2011  10:47 am
"Arab in America"
I pray for more people to understand my culture to see me as an individual and not just a stereotype of what they think they know. I pray for people to view me as an American citizen like everyone else. I live at the heart of Middle America and I just wish that one day they will learn to view all of your children as equals. Amen... Full Message


Dec 27,2011  7:08 am
"Workless" I am having a hard time find job. I have been laid off for 8 months, running low on money, and I just do not know what to do. Please GOD, please help me find a job....


Dec 24,2011  11:11 am
"Famous" I'm a famous musician, and I feel like I have sold my soul to the game. I live fast, banging girls, and hitting clubs every night. I know the life style aint what you wanted, but atleast I thought it was what I wanted... turns out it isn't. Im sitting in this room with a crew full of people and I swear I never felt more alone in my life. If people really knew what it takes to get to this level they wouldnt want it. I sold for fortune and fame and I ask for your forgiveness before it is too late.... Full Message

Rana Junaid

Dec 24,2011  11:04 am
"Christmas Sucks" Christmas sucks this year. Just lost my best friend two weeks ago and now it is just hard to be happy and celebrating with my family here when I know his family is hurting. I'm really trying to be happy but it is tough. Please god, if he is up there let him know we all miss him because without him, Christmas Sucks this year.... Full Message