Dear Lord I come to you asking for forgiveness for my sins and the pain I've cost Thomas last night. Lord I love this man with all my heart, and want everything to be right between us again. I hurt him verbally and it cost me to lose him. Lord please bless us that we forgive one another, and to give our love and each a second chance. I need a miracle to happen. My life feels like it's slowly erasing without him as my boyfriend and I need you as my guide Lord please bless and help me. Just pray for me everyone please. I love this man so much.... Full Message
God, please help me. I have cheated on my wife and now I am surely going to be sent to hell. She is an awesome woman and I can not believe I gave into temptation. Please GOD forgive me for my signs... Full Message
GOD, I have prayed and prayed that my marriage would get better but it seems the more I pray the worse it gets. Please hear me god. Maybe if a lot of people prayed it would be answered.... Full Message
Please pray for God to take control of our lives and to free us of the bondage of satan. My entire family suffer seriously .. everything goes wrong all the time in all aspects of our lives.DEPRESSION/FIN ANCIAL DEVASTATION/HEALTH PROBLEMS/ANGER/AGGRE SSION/HOPELESSNESS/E VIL..IS PART OF OUR DAILY LIFE..EVERYDAY!!! PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR RELEASE.PRAY THAT GOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE - WE NEED GOD TO SAVE US... Full Message
I pray that my love will take back his decision of breaking up. I hope we can be together again and have a happy life forever. Please pray for my broken heart as I pray for one more chance to be given to me. I want to be with him again, and I hope that he will love me for the person of who i am. Lord hear my prayer.... Full Message
GOD, I come boldly to Your Throne to ask You to please bring my husband back to our marriage and our family. Please bring him back quickly and suddenly, repenting and thirsting for Your Living Water. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who has already won this victory. Amen.... Full Message
I'm trying to do something amazing for my family and friends and it is like everywhere I turn a door closes in my face. I feel trapped and I am begging you to open one door to allow me to be a blessing to everyone in my life.... Full Message
Lord I ask you to speed up the visa process in the El Salvador embassy, and touch their heart so that there are no more complications. let You be the one working on that file Lord. I trust in You and ask you to give me a sign, a phone call is all that is left, but 10 more months is too much for me to handle, I have a family Father, who needs me.Please I need you and I know that there is nothing impossible for you nothing too hard, or difficult, for You are Lord of lords, thank you Jesus in the name of Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.... Full Message
God I am her before you,I humble myself and give you praise for you are my Lord and Saviour. I ask You to please answer my prayer promptly, I know I don''t deserve it, but please have mercy on my family and my self. I have not seen my family in 10 months, and the distance has also hurt my marriage, I know that You know all, You see everything, and that's why I ask you to help me. You are a loving and forgiving God, and Your word says that if we ask, You will answer. Please God help me!!!! touch my wife's heart and put the Love that was once there.... Full Message
GOD, please pray for my marriage i was dishonest to him for 18 years and the truth is revealed now it causing problem he as no more trust in me he does not talk to me often again the both of us are christian he is a elder i believe god is going to come fore me i was pregnant and didn't tell from the beginning i love i need marriage to work he is getting bad influence right now this is urgent prayer i need now to strengthen mine i pray every day an night save us lord... Full Message
Please lord im scared dat i might die any time, i waz diagnosed with de sickness by year 2006 since then i do pray i get healed. im even scared 2 tell my fiancee....
Please LORD i ned ur guidance rite nw,i hav ths men in my life he is called KARABO,he loves me and we intending 2 get married next year cz always in my family wedins neva hapns .drama in things regardin marriage,lik 1 of my sister negotiations were held then de guy said he no longer want 2 mary so help me so dat my boyfrnd & i could find the money and get maried with no obstacles.i love him i knw he makes me hapy.no men treated me lik he does.... Full Message
Thank u LORD for givin me life i know im a sinner. Please help me in prayer i have been offered a job of wich i love but the problem is i dnt have a drivers licence of wich i might b fired.now im atending driving school and wil b going for test next wek monday. plz let them not take it from me.cz its the only thing i have and also i have ths problem from 2003 my mum passed away im always seeing her in my dreams and cz she died a tragic death.im also sick so i ned 2 b healed in JESUS name.... Full Message
Will you pray that god will send me a girl that loves me for me and that god will help me to take care of her and will you pray that god will dill with those how have done me wrong and will you pray that god will send me a new room meat soon and will you pray that god will add to the youth at the church i go to thankyou all and god bless you... Full Message
GOD, please pray for me. Someone is trying to kill me . Please pray that i will be alright an nothing bad will happen to me please. An that God will deal with these people.... Full Message
I really hate to pray for this but the lotto is pretty big tonight and it would mean the world to me if you where able to help me out with it and allow me to win it. PLEASE GOD.... Full Message
Please bless my daughter, hold her in your loving hands, heal her, bless her and protect her. Please keep her ever safe from any and all illnesses, accidents, evil and harm. Restore her health, both physically and emotionally. Please protect her always. Please let her get excellent medical care tonight and please let her be okay. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.... Full Message
Lord, Thank You for being with my family and I everyday. Dear Lord, Today my grandmother will be having major heart operation. I pray that Lord, you will watch over her in surgery.... Full Message
Prayers Answered