About Us

GODphm - Social Prayer Request | Spiritual Journal
GODPleaseHelpMe is a social network designed to amplify your voice for everyone to hear it. GODphm (for short) was design to connect your stories, your miracles, you testaments, your prayers, and anything else in between with that of the world so that when you share yourself, millions will be able to hear, react, and respond.
Go viral on a spiritual level and touch millions because we all know that GOD works through everyone of us in so many way. Now is there is place to connect us all together to voice our opinions, tell our struggles, praise our success, and to help one another to make sure no soul is ever feeling alone again. So use this place as a chance to let the world hear you. Join-up now for free and be heard because we are louder together.

• Keeping track of your all of your life, your testaments, and your walk with faith in your own online journal.
• Build a better relationship with GOD and be a living proof that God is real and in your life.
• Create your very own circle of family and friends who will see all of your updates and hear about the good things you do and be there for every bad thing you endure.
• Enjoy the chase to meet new people, make new friends and be apart of their life story.