God I am taking my next step in my life and I pray that I am making the right decision....
God Please help me out with my money situation. It is getting extremely hard and I am praying for some relief....
God, i know you are here always. there are just stories i hear all the time about others who have felt You are like unbelieveable and hear You talking. and I try to put my trust in You, its just difficult. Everyone goes through it at one point in time, I know, but I feel like I'd be able to better put my trust in You if ... I don't know. You gave me a sign of some sort. I just feel like i don't get in on all the action that all my super spiritual friends get. Please show yourself to me... Full Message
GOD, please watch over me today as I go for this job interview. I really hope I get because I really need it. PHM...
GOD, I never been soo close to giving up on life then right now.. I don''t want to do it anymore. Nothing has ever gone my way and I just can take it. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS FEEL LIKE YOU DON''T HEAR ME! WHY!!! You see my tears, You feel my pain. I hate it here, everything in my life sucks, maybe what is up there is better this. God please do something fast because I am on the edge and I''m giving up soon.... Full Message
Dear Lord I am in need in increase financial help to paid the bills and to bless someone else worst than me. God I also need a job, my desire is to work as a nurse in a correctional medical center. In Jesus name I pray. PHM... Full Message
I'm really having a hard time at work. It is like nobody likes me there and every assignment I get I always mess up on. I just got out of College and I thought this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Now I am not so sure and I can''t afford to quit with the economy soo bad. Please God help me be more successful at my job and in my life. PHM... Full Message
God Please help me get a good job...
GOD, I just want to take you for answering my earlier prayer request about helping me find a job. You have really came into my life and blessed my family with such a perfect position that is exactly what I wanted. I am making above the amount of my last job and I have more time off to spend with my family. The job is even closer to home than my last one. Than you so much for helping me. I truly believe in you and you are an awesome God so much so that I had to post this message publicly and not in my Spiritual Journal because I wanted the world to see how good you have been too me. Thank you soo much... Full Message
I have faith that JESUS will find a person with a position of Private Secretary SP2 from Oshakati Higher Court to make a cross transfer with me a Private Secretary SP2 in the Ministry of Agriculture (Head Office). Please pray for me to have a cross transfer for a position of Private Secretary SP2 as soon as possible. I am renting a room in Windhoek but after two month the owner of the house are increasing the renting price now I am tired to stay in this expensive city. PLEASE I KNOW THAT THROUGH THE POWER OF LORD JESUS EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Please pray for me to Jesus to find for me a person with the same Position of mine in the Ministry of Justice Oshakati Higher Court to come to make a cross transfer with him/her. Or pray for me to Jesus Christus to bring back the law that all the Private Secretary who want to work in Ovamboland must applied a cross tran... Full Message
I just had a couple of interviews this morning and I really am hoping I get at least one of them. I know you been watching over me so I know you already know times is hard. I just ask you God to do me this one favor, please let me get a job as soon as possible Lord. I'm barely making it by now and I know I wont be able to survive this season in my life no longer if nothing change. Please God, please hear my plea.... Full Message
as a Repo-Man it hurts my heart to take things from those that need it. I always find myself pulling up to a shabby looking house or a well-fare family and have to take their last ability to find a job which is normally their transportation. I have seen some really awful things in my line of work from people who are on the break of starving to death with no money, about to get evicted because they can't find a job, or sleeping out of their cars. And I have to be the one to come and take their last from them. It is really awful but I feel like i am trapped myself because I dont want to do this job, I hate it but it puts food on the table and allows my daughter to go to school. I cant find another job myself. Is soul my soul worth all this or should I just be glad my little girl has health insurance.... Full Message
I am having a hard time find job. I have been laid off for 8 months, running low on money, and I just do not know what to do. Please GOD, please help me find a job....
I'm a famous musician, and I feel like I have sold my soul to the game. I live fast, banging girls, and hitting clubs every night. I know the life style aint what you wanted, but atleast I thought it was what I wanted... turns out it isn't. Im sitting in this room with a crew full of people and I swear I never felt more alone in my life. If people really knew what it takes to get to this level they wouldnt want it. I sold for fortune and fame and I ask for your forgiveness before it is too late.... Full Message

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