God, I have a friend who is has dropped out of school and does not plan on going back. I tried to talk to them and so has everyone else to let them know that it is a hard world out here and that they are definitely going to need someone kind of education to compete in it. God I will you please convince my friend to change their mind get back to school and finish up their high school education. Thanks. GPHM... Full Message
I am praying for my Daughter for Admission into University, we are looking admission since last yr we have not got. I want u people to put us in prayer so that we may get this yr admission.... Full Message
God, I am having a hard time in school my grades are anything but good. I ask that you bliss me with you wisdom, help me focus, and allow me to keep my scholarship at Yale. I really don\\''t want to let my parents down but I think I might have stumble into something that is too hard for me.... Full Message
I pray to you a lot. The kids at my school constantly pick on me and this boy that I like is starting to join in on the teasing. I really do not know what to do. Sometimes I feel like things would be better if I was not around. I know that this way of thinking is wrong but I can not take feeling alone anymore. ... Full Message
I want to go back in my school days..want to enjoy ,and want to meet my scool friends...
there are these girls from my social that all about the drama. They love to make fun of the kids who are not as they say in the "in crowd", including me. I pray today that you give them wisdom and the ability to grow up. We are all about to graduate and there is no reason for people to still act this way. I really hope that you can touch there heart and stop the bullying at my school. I am also really worried about this one girl in my class named Hannah, who is sort of the Gothic type and wears very nontraditional clothing. Well the popular girls love teasing her and I know one day they are just going to push her to the breaking point and I really how you can watch over her and make sure nothing like that ever happens. If only those people would take the time to look inside her heart and pass her outer appearance they what see what a beautiful pe... Full Message
I just got my school report car in the mail and I am soo scared to show my parents. Is it wrong for me not to show them before Christmas? Is that lying? I just dont want them to take way my presents.... Full Message

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