I am 15 years old about to be 16, I am 5’3 and haven’t been the same height as my friends in a long time. As I’ve watched everyone grow into big stronger people I’ve stayed the same size wondering when I’ll get my turn. I just wanna get taller, I’m a multi sport athlete that’s in desperate need of height. It’d help. Amen.... Full Message
I was also cheated on and I want the lieing to stop. I just want to know the truth so I can heal, trust her and we can move on. The shame and pain is more than I can take. I am also suffering and need healing from psycological caused sexual disfunction.... Full Message
My wisdom tooth has been rotting away for some time now. I haven't been able to get a job because of my shyness (or social anxiety), so I have no way to pay for an extraction. The rest of my teeth are fragile. My older sister has suffered from tooth decay for many years, she's had terrible infections and her face has swollen up. There's not much left in her mouth now. I pray for my own healing, but I haven't been able to overcome my doubt.... Full Message
Dear God, you know the desires of my heart. I pray that you will answer them and that all that i hope and wish for will come to pass....
God Please Heal Me, i have not be feeling good and I hope you hear my praer. Thank...
God please be with everyone right now. Donald Trump might be a danger to us....
God, I try very hard to be happy and love my life. But it is soo hard sometimes. I want to believe that my life is in your hands but I just want to give up. Please Hear Me.... Full Message
God Please help my wife, she is having a hard time and I pray that you come help her through her struggles. She is trying really hard to find herself and I just hope that sh is not too lost.... Full Message
Thank you God for all of the wisdom that you have blessed me with. I pray that I continue to grow and mature as a person....
God, I am in desperate need of a prayer for my boyfriend who's his heart is not with me at the moment. Which he is also going into life storms and has been frustrated by it. God knows i love this man more than anything in the world. I need God to heal his heart, mind so that we can have our relationship back restored. I can't concentrate nor can't stop worrying about him. So please help me with your prayers. I know nothing is impossible for God so, please i am asking each one of you to remember him and me in your prayers. Thanks again. May God be with you all.... Full Message
Please pray god heals sickness in my stomach gastritis and a intestinal yeast overgrowth. please pray he delivers me from evil and the world and restores what the world took from me my health and life.... Full Message
I pray for the souls of my wife and this man who has entered her life. I pray that God will open their eyes and stop them from committing this horrible act. She is an unbeliever and I am still legally married to her, but she publicly humiliates me and talks about committing adultery on facebook. I pray God would take them into his mighty hands and save them from this unrighteousness. They are in Michigan and I am in Florida. I am praying for a financial breakthrough and a job I can do. I just want my little daughter back and the means to take care of her. I beg the Lord to forgive us and use this situation to mold us and save us because I can't take it anymore. Please God have mercy and may my wife love and forgive me!... Full Message
Please pray that my mother Barbara is able to get her medicines. Please pray that I have a successful day at work today. I didn't perform too well at work this week. I feel a bit down about not getting any results. Please pray that my spirit is lifted and that I can get successful results at work today. Please pray that I get caught up on my past due bills and current ones. Thank you! God Bless all of you Prayer Warriors!!!... Full Message
God, direct my steps daily, cleanse my heart, and help me to forgive people....
Please pray for Nick, a TKA student, who was in a bad car accident within the last hour and was transported from the scene by Trauma Hawk....
Today, I pray that my friends are reunited as one in their marriage. Lord I pray for reunification of their marriage. I pray that all negative, evil, demonic, satanic forces that have interfered with their marriage be rebuked from them and their marriage becomes stronger and stronger than ever before. Lord let it happen now. They both are lovely and have awesome children. Let the spirit of resurrection breath life, joy and happiness into every area of their marriage. Let they not separate any longer. Amen.',... Full Message
my heart longs for a godly-man to enter into my life and show me love. I am so empty and alone. The one thing that I want in my life right now is someone else to love me and be there for me, and to show me true, christian love.... Full Message
God-- I am turning 25 next weekend and I am so depressed about it. I feel so lost in life and I feel stuck. I never thought that at the age of 25 I'd be living at home with my parents, a part-time job, unmarried with no children. I know that you have a plan for me, but Im struggling to find patience. I feel like there is no hope for me, and its the worst feeling. There are other things in my life that I struggle with too but please guide me and please open some doors for me, and help me to come out of this depression.... Full Message

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