Hey god I'm 18 years old but you already know that Can I get a fit goth gf that loves me for me and will never not love me Thanks for sending your only son and all that Beat navy... Full Message
I got dumped and I hate being single. God please send me a spouse who is around my age with no kids or no criminal record and tall....
I want a boyfriend with no kids, 6'0-6'2 tall, age 18-29, loyal, nice....
Please pray for Mercedes, please God show her the right person to marry with, the right home to live in, and the perfect job to work in, and for her children this year 2017... Full Message
God I love you. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I truly appreciate you....
God, I am praying for a life partner. Please help me out. I been trying to take a lot of my energy to do it by my hands. But I can't, i'm asking you God to help me. Please send me someone to love and who will love me.... Full Message
God My friend is going through a hard time in life. She has been very depressed and I pray that one day she will find her happiness....
Please help me pray for Adrian B. My boyfriend of 2 yrs. I need God to remove 3 unclean and unhealthy spirits that want to take over his life and want to destroy our relationship. The enemy is throwing many women even a men (Lorena, Gaby, Ashly, Elsa, and Harold) into Adrians path making him think that they love him and care about him and that is not true. I need the Lord to show Adrian that this is not right and that they are just using him. Adrian has been drinking and partying a lot. PHM... Full Message
Please pray for Dim, that God would help her to overcome bitterness and resentment, to overcome the pull of this world, to help her to come to the knowledge of the truth , that the true love of God may be manifested in her life , that she would have a testimony of deliverance, that God would give her understanding and that she would know that it is the Lords doing. That in this deliverance God would give to her that meaning of salvation that comes to those who have acquired that much love through his saving grace. Awaken her to righteousness.... Full Message
God please answer my prayer. I have a 13 year old boy who is an absolute devil. He steals from me, he curses at me, and he even beats me. I have tried to talk to him but he just throws objects at me, spits on me, and hits me. I do not know what else I can do. I feel awful that I pray for his father to take him and get him out of my house. I want to call the police on him or send him away but I would feel like a mother who is taking the easy way out. Please god, answer my prayer. Please help me.... Full Message
God, please help me. I have cheated on my wife and now I am surely going to be sent to hell. She is an awesome woman and I can not believe I gave into temptation. Please GOD forgive me for my signs... Full Message
GOD, I have prayed and prayed that my marriage would get better but it seems the more I pray the worse it gets. Please hear me god. Maybe if a lot of people prayed it would be answered.... Full Message
I pray that my love will take back his decision of breaking up. I hope we can be together again and have a happy life forever. Please pray for my broken heart as I pray for one more chance to be given to me. I want to be with him again, and I hope that he will love me for the person of who i am. Lord hear my prayer.... Full Message
GOD, please pray for my marriage i was dishonest to him for 18 years and the truth is revealed now it causing problem he as no more trust in me he does not talk to me often again the both of us are christian he is a elder i believe god is going to come fore me i was pregnant and didn't tell from the beginning i love i need marriage to work he is getting bad influence right now this is urgent prayer i need now to strengthen mine i pray every day an night save us lord... Full Message
Please lord im scared dat i might die any time, i waz diagnosed with de sickness by year 2006 since then i do pray i get healed. im even scared 2 tell my fiancee....
Please LORD i ned ur guidance rite nw,i hav ths men in my life he is called KARABO,he loves me and we intending 2 get married next year cz always in my family wedins neva hapns .drama in things regardin marriage,lik 1 of my sister negotiations were held then de guy said he no longer want 2 mary so help me so dat my boyfrnd & i could find the money and get maried with no obstacles.i love him i knw he makes me hapy.no men treated me lik he does.... Full Message
Lord, Thank You for being with my family and I everyday. Dear Lord, Today my grandmother will be having major heart operation. I pray that Lord, you will watch over her in surgery.... Full Message
Please help my husband Paul as only You can keep him safe and convert his troubled heart and angry mind. Please bring him back to our vows and respectful living at our home and in our marriage. Lord You brought us together and we need You to sanctify our marriage and give us the additional grace and blessings needed to honor our loving commitments to each other, now and forever! Amen. Thank You most gracious Lord and Savior.... Full Message

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