I am praying for Marsha and help her get over her anxiety....
Hey Everyone, its been tough....
God, I been working on my temper and I want to pray that you calm my temper down. Please keep me balance and with a soft heart who is slow to speak. Thank you...
God help Taylor. She has been having a very hard week this week and I pray that you be with her. She is dealing with a friend going to prison and she doesn't know how to emotionally handle it. I can only do so much but I am putting this in your hands. You and only you know what to do. Please help.... Full Message
God, Niclaouse lives in India in a poor little village. He needs you to hear his prayers. He is in desperate need of your attention and support. Please send your angels out to him.... Full Message
I am planning on taking a leap of faith. God Please help me...
God in heaven please help Rona to receive financial help now. Please also help her daughter to be healed of arthritis. I ask you this in the name of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen... Full Message
Dear God, I've been trying to have a baby. I have been praying to you to help me succeed. I just want to hold and love a baby of my own. To give love to and to cherish every moment with that baby. I ask of you to help me please succeed.... Full Message
My prayer today is simply this: "Lord, please continue to remind me of the things that truly matter. Please do not let me get side track in my worries or my issues but keep me looking out to the future for things that I know matter in my life. Thanks for god for always being there to listen to my prayers."... Full Message
God, I'm feeling so sick right now. Someone broke in my car and stole my laptop with all my work for school and my church report to the conference. Lord help me. To God be the glory.... Full Message
God help me find my special someone and help me get on a solid financial track...
My Prayer Request God, good morning! :) I know these days I haven't contacted You and I only going back in your arms when I needed You. :( I'm too bad!! :( I'm also a Catholic but don't know how to reflect myself as Your follower. Please help me to get rid of these things and continue life with You! I really really love You, God! (( Sorry for creating mistakes, bad things & even ignoring Your existence like You've never been here in this world. :(( God, I would like keep me in Your hands so that I'll be safe; far away from danger. That's all, God! ;)... Full Message
God, I am a religious man and I need you to give me a prayer and help me prayer for those in my life. I am reading through the bible and I have not been able to find the word that would fit into this situation. Please help guide me to the scripture in the bible that helps cover the issue that I am trying to deal with. Please god please give me a prayer and help me prayer for them. As a Christian, I believe in your power and I now that you will help. Thanks god. Amen.... Full Message
I beg of you to please help me financially. I don't have enough money to pay my bills, and my mortgage. I feel hopeless. Please God heal my daughter of arthritis. Please God please remove all the pain from her body. Thank you.... Full Message
Dear Lord I come to you asking for forgiveness for my sins and the pain I've cost Thomas last night. Lord I love this man with all my heart, and want everything to be right between us again. I hurt him verbally and it cost me to lose him. Lord please bless us that we forgive one another, and to give our love and each a second chance. I need a miracle to happen. My life feels like it's slowly erasing without him as my boyfriend and I need you as my guide Lord please bless and help me. Just pray for me everyone please. I love this man so much.... Full Message
Please pray for God to take control of our lives and to free us of the bondage of satan. My entire family suffer seriously .. everything goes wrong all the time in all aspects of our lives.DEPRESSION/FIN ANCIAL DEVASTATION/HEALTH PROBLEMS/ANGER/AGGRE SSION/HOPELESSNESS/E VIL..IS PART OF OUR DAILY LIFE..EVERYDAY!!! PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR RELEASE.PRAY THAT GOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE - WE NEED GOD TO SAVE US... Full Message
GOD, I come boldly to Your Throne to ask You to please bring my husband back to our marriage and our family. Please bring him back quickly and suddenly, repenting and thirsting for Your Living Water. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who has already won this victory. Amen.... Full Message
I'm trying to do something amazing for my family and friends and it is like everywhere I turn a door closes in my face. I feel trapped and I am begging you to open one door to allow me to be a blessing to everyone in my life.... Full Message

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