, Father, I come to You in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus. I choose to be still in You. I choose to cast my cares on You. Fill me with Your peace today, fill me with Your hope as I keep my heart and mind stayed on You in Jesus’ name. Amen.... Full Message
I remember when I was stuck in an earthquake and the building I was in collapsed. I awoke to find myself buried alive with my head bleeding and my leg broken. I remember being there for hours in complete darkest. I should have been terrified out of my mind but you keep me calm. You help me survive this moment that few people do and I am entirely grateful. Thank you soo much... Full Message
as a Repo-Man it hurts my heart to take things from those that need it. I always find myself pulling up to a shabby looking house or a well-fare family and have to take their last ability to find a job which is normally their transportation. I have seen some really awful things in my line of work from people who are on the break of starving to death with no money, about to get evicted because they can't find a job, or sleeping out of their cars. And I have to be the one to come and take their last from them. It is really awful but I feel like i am trapped myself because I dont want to do this job, I hate it but it puts food on the table and allows my daughter to go to school. I cant find another job myself. Is soul my soul worth all this or should I just be glad my little girl has health insurance.... Full Message
, Why is that some people are more wealthy than others. I went to the shopping mall today and saw this expensive mercedes benz, Lord I asked which God does the owner of the car worship? Isnt my God greater? why should I drive my second hand car. Forgive me for that kind of thought, i'm only human and sometimes it would be great if you just showed us your followers some blessings in this world. We know theres a perfect heaven waiting when we die.... Full Message
, Today looks like a beautiful day.I've been trying to avoid my mom for two days now and now she keeps calling and texting. I havent responded to her because i want some me-time away from her. She even asked for her laptop back just to spite me. I dont need it right now and its ok, i know u'll provide me with one. Thank you for being my Father and Mother!I love you with all my spirit, body and soul.... Full Message
hello my mom has an incurable cancer called multiple myeloma it is terminal very few patients can call them selves cured i would just like to wish that they will find a cure for this cancer and my mom will beat cancer please and thank you im soo sad... Full Message
Father, thank You for loving me. Thank You for renewing the fire in me. I trust that You are ordering my steps and making a way where there seems to be no way. Keep me close to You always and reveal the good plan You have for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.... Full Message
Today I feel lonely, again. I have to start studying for my exams in June, but its hard when I feel this sad. I thought having a man beside me would make things better, but there seems to be no man around. Its 7PM and i'm still at the office, when i should be home or on a date somewhere. The scripture which says 'we are not of this world' really applies to me. Why was i born?was it to suffer rejection and live like this or was it just to fill up the world coz God said be fruitful and multiply?i dont know, i'm 30 and i'm still asking. God show me some kind of sign that you're there, not because of my lack of faith, but because its time for you to.... Full Message
Please help me pray for my family. There have been differences in the family recently, fueled by my moms outbursts. My parents divorced when i was 12 years old and my dad remarried.He has two other kids with my step mom. My dad is moslem and my step mom is bornagain and they dont seem to be getting along anymore. I fear they may be headed to a divorce. I dont think my Dad who is in his 60s can handle it. I try to bring my siblings close since i'm the oldest but sometimes i feel like an outsider when i interfere especially towards my brother who is a preteen and a couch potato. They spoil him, especially my dad who doesnt like anyone disciplining him. I'm currently not talking regularly with my real mom who often belittles me, comparing me to my dad and hates it when i visit my dad. She recently told me in an outburst that she doesnt like the way i dress and ... Full Message
feel like i'm going through every night, i look at these people lies, and all i ask is why, You said the wicked will store wealth for the righteous to redeem, but it looks they just getting richer and richer as it seems, I over here dying, they over there laughing a me trying, I dont know who tell because we all living in hell, The wicked just make it comfortable for those in cult, while we who worship you get the short end of the rope, things dont feel fair  like as if you dont care, so just tell me now what is the reality, cuz i'm getting rich or die trying, and ready to i'm embracing my fatality.... Full Message


I have been telling soo many lies for a good cause. I just wish that you can forgive me for all of my sins. Please help me god because I do it all for you....
Heavenly Father, today I commit every area of my life to You. I trust that You are working behind the scenes on my behalf. Use me for Your glory as I put my faith and hope in You in Jesus’ name. Amen.... Full Message
there are these girls from my social that all about the drama. They love to make fun of the kids who are not as they say in the "in crowd", including me. I pray today that you give them wisdom and the ability to grow up. We are all about to graduate and there is no reason for people to still act this way. I really hope that you can touch there heart and stop the bullying at my school. I am also really worried about this one girl in my class named Hannah, who is sort of the Gothic type and wears very nontraditional clothing. Well the popular girls love teasing her and I know one day they are just going to push her to the breaking point and I really how you can watch over her and make sure nothing like that ever happens. If only those people would take the time to look inside her heart and pass her outer appearance they what see what a beautiful pe... Full Message
I want to thank you for always blessing me and keep me and my family safe. Yesterday, night I prayed to you asking you to watch over us and you did. This morning around 2'am I got a call from my oldest daughter Kate fearful and crying. She said some man just tried to rape her as she was coming home from a night out with the girls. He just jumped out of a park car and started chasing her to her apartment door. But some how she said it was like someone was lifting her up and flying with her because she there was no way she could of out run a guy of that size who was soo close to her at the beginning but so far from here when she got to her door. As soon as she mad it inside she called the police but by your glory. There was already a police officer cruising around in the complex who spotted the man running away and caught him.

Lord you are so... Full Message
Father in heaven, today I choose wisdom by choosing to honor You. I put You first in my heart, my mind, my emotions and my actions. Show me Your ways that I may walk with You and acknowledge You in everything I do in Jesus’ name.... Full Message
I bless You and praise You today because You are good! Thank You for Your good and precious promises. I submit my ways to You; I surrender my will to You knowing that You are working in my life. Thank You for fighting my battles as I keep myself in covenant with You in Jesus’ name.... Full Message
I come to You today declaring that I am finished with fear. Thank You for giving me power, love and a sound mind. I choose to stand on Your promises. Fill me with Your peace and joy today as I move forward in victory with You in Jesus’ name. Amen.... Full Message
I just want to thank you for allowing me to make it another week in your favor god. Thanks for all your help you have done in my life. You have change me in soo many ways, anything I ask for you answer and gave to me. You didn't come right away when I wanted you to but you where there right on time when I needed you. Thank you so much lord, and please stay in my life. Amen... Full Message
Prayers Answered