I am struggling with depression really really bad god. It is like every day I am sinking into a deeper hole of self pitty. I am starting to believe that there is just nothing else to live for. I pray to you now lord jesus to please help me overcome this battle that I am having on the inside.... Full Message
I have a problem. I love to be in love. I would normally feel like being in love is a good thing but for me it is not. I always end up getting my heartbroken and falling for guys who are not good for me or unfaithful. maybe my picker is off, but whatever it is I always end up hurt and then find myself rushing into another relationship to get hurt again. Please help... Full Message
I'm unsure about everything...I love him but I love You too, and he doesn't share my faith. Do you care? Did you really tell me that I should be with him that one night, or was I pretending to hear what I wanted to? Are you even real, because I feel really alone in this. I'm really anxious about everything, school, home, my parents, and I just want to go back to being a little kid again where I didn't worry about everything. Life's really confusing and all mixed up, and I don't know who to be faithful to or what to do. I love you, Maggie Lou... Full Message
I just got my school report car in the mail and I am soo scared to show my parents. Is it wrong for me not to show them before Christmas? Is that lying? I just dont want them to take way my presents.... Full Message
I really need you to come and help my sister this Christmas, she is going down the wrong path being caught up in drugs, sex, and sin, and I ask you to help guide her back to your deliverance. As a christian man, I know that every one of your children will be saved and I believe that you have the power to save her. So for Christmas, I dont want anything but my sister back.... Full Message
GOD, its me. Please tell my wife Marie who is up there with you now that I miss her soo much and I love her deeply. Please tell her that I finally stopped smoking after all these years of her asking me and I finally got around to finishing the patio. Tell her that it is soo pretty and that she was right, it did needed to be painted white. I really miss her and I can't wait to see her again. PHM - SUBMIT YOUR PRAYERS.GodPHM is a social network that is created for one purpose only, to allow you to submit your prayers and pray for others. You should never feel alone or unheard again because now your prayers are Louder Together.... Full Message
my best friend is going to jail for a crime I know he did not commit..I will pray for him and his family and the family of the victim. God please I beg you to let the truth come out and have the real killer be brought to justice. Please hear me and give him strength. - GPHM - God Please Hear Me... Full Message
my parents are getting divorced and it has been really hard for me to deal with. I dont want for this to ruin christmas for us at our house but I just know it will. This will be the first time I ever will have to choose which parent to visit on Christmas day. All this really breaks my heart and tears me up inside. I know you are a miracle worker, so please work your magic and save my family.... Full Message
my friend has the worst temper ever, today he exploded on a complete stranger. And it was over the smallest thing you could imagine. He needs help god please help him calm his evil ways and find peace within his soul. ... Full Message
Update : These hard economic times have made me question my own beliefs. The way I once saw the word and you God has changed soo much. I can no longer get down on my knees and believe that things are going to be okay. Please god, please come into my life and show em the way. It is getting soo hard and I just dont think I am going to be able to keep going with a smile on my face saying things will get better own your time. I need you now. Please hear my cry.... Full Message
God, please give my little baby Chanel strength to overcome her liver shunt problem. Pls relieve all her discomfort and let her stay strong n healthy....

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