My father is not well and please pray for him. Please pray for my son's marriage; he should select the girl according to the will of the God and the decision should be correct. He is in the wrong direction now and he should understand. I am having problem in the Office and I should get a good job. I am also depressed and I am yet to get the money from my previous employer and pray that I should get my money. My friends Mr. Bhaskar met with an accident – Head injury and please pray for him.... Full Message
I pray for the souls of my wife and this man who has entered her life. I pray that God will open their eyes and stop them from committing this horrible act. She is an unbeliever and I am still legally married to her, but she publicly humiliates me and talks about committing adultery on facebook. I pray God would take them into his mighty hands and save them from this unrighteousness. They are in Michigan and I am in Florida. I am praying for a financial breakthrough and a job I can do. I just want my little daughter back and the means to take care of her. I beg the Lord to forgive us and use this situation to mold us and save us because I can't take it anymore. Please God have mercy and may my wife love and forgive me!... Full Message
Dear God, please help my family get through these very difficult times. Please help us find relief from all the financial debt we are in. Please help us find a way to keep our home. We are close to being foreclosed. Let us provide for our daughters. My oldest is graduating this year and we have no money to pay or her school. God please guide us and help us find the jobs we are meant to have. we are in desperate need right now. I am really scared but trying to keep my faith. I know the lord will help us.... Full Message
my prayer is for my husband and myself. We are not getting along, I feel disrespected and not loved. My husband does not want me around at times and I am not sure why he feels that way.He is very distant and we have no passion any more. Please pray for our marriage to be restored and for a breakthrough. Please pray for love, happiness, respect, joy, loyalty and passion to be restored in our marriage. Please pray that God gives us the kind of marriage that God wants for us. Please pray for a miracle. In the name of Jesus! Thank you for your pray... Full Message
please pray for me. i pray for God to lead me towards the path of career fulfillment, happiness, and growth. i pray for a new job soon. if i am meant to stay in my current job, i pray for God to fix the issues i currently have there. i pray for God to touch the heart of someone so that she'll be less demanding and that i wish i am valued as a friend and as a person, not just as a person who made life comfortable for her. i pray for God to guide me in making my decision.... Full Message
Please pray that my mother Barbara is able to get her medicines. Please pray that I have a successful day at work today. I didn't perform too well at work this week. I feel a bit down about not getting any results. Please pray that my spirit is lifted and that I can get successful results at work today. Please pray that I get caught up on my past due bills and current ones. Thank you! God Bless all of you Prayer Warriors!!!... Full Message
Please help me pray for Adrian B. My boyfriend of 2 yrs. I need God to remove 3 unclean and unhealthy spirits that want to take over his life and want to destroy our relationship. The enemy is throwing many women even a men (Lorena, Gaby, Ashly, Elsa, and Harold) into Adrians path making him think that they love him and care about him and that is not true. I need the Lord to show Adrian that this is not right and that they are just using him. Adrian has been drinking and partying a lot. PHM... Full Message
Please pray for Dim, that God would help her to overcome bitterness and resentment, to overcome the pull of this world, to help her to come to the knowledge of the truth , that the true love of God may be manifested in her life , that she would have a testimony of deliverance, that God would give her understanding and that she would know that it is the Lords doing. That in this deliverance God would give to her that meaning of salvation that comes to those who have acquired that much love through his saving grace. Awaken her to righteousness.... Full Message
God, I've been trying to have a baby. PHM....
Dear God, I've been trying to have a baby. I have been praying to you to help me succeed. I just want to hold and love a baby of my own. To give love to and to cherish every moment with that baby. I ask of you to help me please succeed.... Full Message
God, please give my little baby Chanel strength to overcome her liver shunt problem. Please protect her from any further discomfort and give her the power to pull through this difficult time. Amen.',... Full Message
God, direct my steps daily, cleanse my heart, and help me to forgive people....
My prayer for you today, is that you will live with an openness to all God may want to do, both in you through you!...
God please help Rona to get the money she needs to pay her bills which are all due on Tuesday. God you are a miracle worker. Please help Rona in her time of great need. Thank God in Jesus name. All glory and honor is your almighty loving God. Amen.... Full Message
God, please remove people from my life who shouldnt be there and bring in those who should....
My prayer today is simply this: "Lord, please continue to remind me of the things that truly matter. Please do not let me get side track in my worries or my issues but keep me looking out to the future for things that I know matter in my life. Thanks for god for always being there to listen to my prayers."... Full Message
Please pray for Nick, a TKA student, who was in a bad car accident within the last hour and was transported from the scene by Trauma Hawk....
Prayers Answered