Please LORD i ned ur guidance rite nw,i hav ths men in my life he is called KARABO,he loves me and we intending 2 get married next year cz always in my family wedins neva hapns .drama in things regardin marriage,lik 1 of my sister negotiations were held then de guy said he no longer want 2 mary so help me so dat my boyfrnd & i could find the money and get maried with no obstacles.i love him i knw he makes me hapy.no men treated me lik he does.... Full Message
Thank u LORD for givin me life i know im a sinner. Please help me in prayer i have been offered a job of wich i love but the problem is i dnt have a drivers licence of wich i might b fired.now im atending driving school and wil b going for test next wek monday. plz let them not take it from me.cz its the only thing i have and also i have ths problem from 2003 my mum passed away im always seeing her in my dreams and cz she died a tragic death.im also sick so i ned 2 b healed in JESUS name.... Full Message
Will you pray that god will send me a girl that loves me for me and that god will help me to take care of her and will you pray that god will dill with those how have done me wrong and will you pray that god will send me a new room meat soon and will you pray that god will add to the youth at the church i go to thankyou all and god bless you... Full Message
GOD, please pray for me. Someone is trying to kill me . Please pray that i will be alright an nothing bad will happen to me please. An that God will deal with these people.... Full Message
I really hate to pray for this but the lotto is pretty big tonight and it would mean the world to me if you where able to help me out with it and allow me to win it. PLEASE GOD.... Full Message
Please bless my daughter, hold her in your loving hands, heal her, bless her and protect her. Please keep her ever safe from any and all illnesses, accidents, evil and harm. Restore her health, both physically and emotionally. Please protect her always. Please let her get excellent medical care tonight and please let her be okay. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.... Full Message
Lord, Thank You for being with my family and I everyday. Dear Lord, Today my grandmother will be having major heart operation. I pray that Lord, you will watch over her in surgery.... Full Message
GOD. There is a group of employees who have been working soooooooo hard to make a success of their company and they have overcome many many obstacles but they are still working to turn the corner and have others see the true great potential that exists and come on board to propel them to the well-deserved success that they are still striving for in every day's work. Please Lord, remove any obstacles and bless each of these team members a an extraordinary way. Give them Great Wisdom, Focus and Faith to achieve this Last Mile of the Marathon! PHM... Full Message
Please help my husband Paul as only You can keep him safe and convert his troubled heart and angry mind. Please bring him back to our vows and respectful living at our home and in our marriage. Lord You brought us together and we need You to sanctify our marriage and give us the additional grace and blessings needed to honor our loving commitments to each other, now and forever! Amen. Thank You most gracious Lord and Savior.... Full Message
DEAR LORD, My son finally went to rehab for drug addiction after over 10 years of drug abuse!!! Please help him he connect with his counselor, psychiatrist and other patients and accepts the help that he needs.... Full Message
My wife must go for a biopsy. I just pray that you can take care for her in this situation and heal her from a tumor that we pray is benign....
God, I pray for you to help me so that I can get married. I am 40 years old now and I have not been married. There is someone in my life but he is a muslim, please use your power to make him a born again christian. Pray for him so that he can be a good husband and take care of his family. Please man of God pray for him and me.... Full Message
Today, I pray that my friends are reunited as one in their marriage. Lord I pray for reunification of their marriage. I pray that all negative, evil, demonic, satanic forces that have interfered with their marriage be rebuked from them and their marriage becomes stronger and stronger than ever before. Lord let it happen now. They both are lovely and have awesome children. Let the spirit of resurrection breath life, joy and happiness into every area of their marriage. Let they not separate any longer. Amen.',... Full Message
Forgive me for I am a sinner have mercy on me. Lord Jesus Glory to God for all my answered prayers. Lord I pray that my husband and I become debt free this year. I pray in the holy spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ in the name of the might Father Amen... Full Message
my father has a pain in his leg,and my mother is a patient of high blood pressure; heart disease. please help them. Amen...
God, i lost my first unborn child in miscarriage this week... please pray for me so that you may bless me again with a healthy baby....
Dear Lord I need you desperately. My wedding is this year and my fiance acute; and I are having problems in our relationship. I love him with all of my heart but I do not know if this is right since he continuously hurts me. He is very abusive towards me and I've prayed for him all the time. I went ahead with an engagement with faith in you because I know you have the power to make a change. I love him soo much Lord Jesus and I really want you to help him make a change and love me the way I love him. PHM... Full Message
GOD, Please pray for me concerning my marriage . I have a feeling that my husband brought another woman into our lives and I just do not know what to do. I am soo confused, because when I ask him is he cheating on me he saids no. But he refuses to let me look through his phone, email, or even check his bank statements. God I do not know what to do and I just ask you for your help. If my husband is cheating on me please give me a sign.... Full Message
Prayers Answered