lord bless derrick dunn n westly hylton in jesus name restore watever u fore see in jesus name...
God Almight restore peace to barbara & miss g, mother, julet, bobby, .....annie n kay ann............me n sue , keisha wignal , kerry an francis ,..............baby g, ladonna, mama, keisha, kerry, maria, maxine, rudy, marva, sharon.........kerry n shauniece, lord remove malice n contention from my family n frenz in jesus presious name amen......blackie n tagen m n mr francis',... Full Message
cover my son's feet, my stomoach my body from all desease seen n unseen give me the strength to get up n work n stp being so lazy restore my strength in jesus name... Full Message
lord bless me to get the $17100 for my school fee, and help me to learn bless my hands remove my boastful attitude in jesus name help me to be the best when im done... Full Message
in the name of jesus im a backslider that needs to return to u ASAP in jesus name amen...
i need a job/business that i love and can work in with my schooling on a sat, sun and church on a wed in jesus name...
lord above all things i need the balance of the light bill $6000, my school fee $17,000, my debt $38,000 water $1800. phone $7000...........$my rent $100,000 owing lord i need $500 us to start my business and just bless it so i can reap my harvest in jesus name... Full Message
Father God, please because you are my Father, I'm asking you for US $3,000 in the next two days, or I will be completely financially humiliated and your name is at stake. PLEASE GOD, COME THROUGH FOR ME IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!... Full Message
I am all alone and I desire prayer for the restoration of marriage to my recently divorced husband. I still love him and I believe that if a young woman half his age had not entered the picture that we would be back together. Please pray that his eyes be opened and that our union be restored stronger than ever before. Thank you.... Full Message
God, I am having a hard time in school my grades are anything but good. I ask that you bliss me with you wisdom, help me focus, and allow me to keep my scholarship at Yale. I really don\\''t want to let my parents down but I think I might have stumble into something that is too hard for me.... Full Message
I am in a cult that uses your name to do wicked things to others. This is the way under you and that we should not pay attention to anything else. They have my husband brain washed and my two oldest sons. I need you to let them listen to me and let them see that the bible does not speak of these ways and that what our leader says and does is wrong.... Full Message
I am down to my last $100. I do not know what I am going to do. I have been out of work for 14 months and the economy is not getting better. Save us from this hell on earth.... Full Message
GOD, please forgive me. I had an adoration and I can not stop thinking about what I done. I feel so bad and I really need some words of wisdom to help me get through this. I know I can not go back in time and change what I have done and I know I will have to live with this for the rest of my life but I just hope that you and my baby can forgive me.... Full Message
Lord, I ask for your help in our financial situation. My husband just started working, and we are expecting a baby girl in November. I ask that with your guidance we can make it with just one income and that our daughter will be strong and healthy at birth. I also pray lord that we can find 2 good dependable vehicles that can get me to and from the doctor visits, and my husband to and from work. Amen.... Full Message
God, there is a girl that I like but she doesn't even pay me any attention. I pray that one day I will have the courage to ask her out or at least be her friend....
GOD, please hear me. My husband is a crack addict and my daughter is a prostitute. We lived a very hard life and its tough being the glue that keeps the family together. I feel like I am breaking down inside and I really need you to lay your hands on us and bless us with your favor. Please help get Stan off of drugs and please help save my daughter Anna from her dangerous lifestyle before she gets hurt. PHM... Full Message
I'm going through a divorce and I know it is a sin for us to split in your eyes but forgive me. I tried my best to be the good wife but it just wasn't good enough. Please have mercy on my soul. Thanks... Full Message
God, i know you are here always. there are just stories i hear all the time about others who have felt You are like unbelieveable and hear You talking. and I try to put my trust in You, its just difficult. Everyone goes through it at one point in time, I know, but I feel like I'd be able to better put my trust in You if ... I don't know. You gave me a sign of some sort. I just feel like i don't get in on all the action that all my super spiritual friends get. Please show yourself to me... Full Message
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