my heart longs for a godly-man to enter into my life and show me love. I am so empty and alone. The one thing that I want in my life right now is someone else to love me and be there for me, and to show me true, christian love.... Full Message
God-- I am turning 25 next weekend and I am so depressed about it. I feel so lost in life and I feel stuck. I never thought that at the age of 25 I'd be living at home with my parents, a part-time job, unmarried with no children. I know that you have a plan for me, but Im struggling to find patience. I feel like there is no hope for me, and its the worst feeling. There are other things in my life that I struggle with too but please guide me and please open some doors for me, and help me to come out of this depression.... Full Message
If your reading this God, i did so many bad things and i want you to take them away and i cant choose it from the categories so can you take all my sins away i beg of you i dont want to burn in hell... Full Message
God i just want to say thank you for all that you have done for me and in my life. You have token an awful situation and you used it in my best favor because had I not had that struggle in my life I would not be the man you see today. You took me through the fires and now I dont even smell like smoke. I can look back at all those hard times that I had to endure and shout THANK GOD HALLELUJAH because I know your anointing had to be on me because the unsaved, still in the street, drug addicted me would not have made it through it. Praise God... Full Message
Help GOD today i have done something i am not proud of and my heart is hurting tremendously at this point in my life i need you GOD more than ever i ask for forgiveness i have hurt alot of people in my life help me or lord to start a fresh new life and do things the right way.... Full Message
I would like you to pray for everything in my life because it look like everything that i am trying to achieve in life has been blocked some way or the other....
I would like God to help me get my ex boyfriend back, everything was so perfect until now, i dont know what went wrong. i love him and would like to be with me forever...
God please help me with my financial situation, it is bad i need to help my family as well. I am going through a lot of problems and dont know how to solve them....
I pray for financial assistance in my education and success....
Please pray for the unity of my family to come together with love for one another as well as respect for a one another....
Lord please hear my prayer concerning my sister's business. please bless her to succeed so that we can be blessed in our work as l am employed by her. please prosper her business to be successful from this month onwards. Lord You know our family is depending on this business so Lord please boost this business l ask as our living, our fees, our everything comes from this shop. please pray for an outpouring of customers. my colleagues and myself are depending on the shop LORD, PPLE HVE FAMILIES THEY ARE SUPPORTING.... Full Message
GOD, pliz pray for me & my colleagues as we are working on target and we need to raise a certain amount of money to keep our work place open as it is under threat of closure, if we do not make it this time.pliz pray that ALMIGHTY GOD will hear us & bless us with an overflow of customers this month so we can keep our jobs. PHM... Full Message
I am praying for my Daughter for Admission into University, we are looking admission since last yr we have not got. I want u people to put us in prayer so that we may get this yr admission.... Full Message
i want God should open my eyes to see my husband,any time i enter in a relationship it doesn't last the men end up breaking my heart, i want God should locate me my husband and also help me to meet the man of my heart.... Full Message
GOD, A family in my community lost their 17 year old daughter in a vehicle accident last week. There are 2 little sisters remaining with their mother and father. I could never fathom the pain this family is experiencing but I do know they lost the only vehicle they had. Stop and think how important a vehicle is to a family. Getting to work, the kids to school, church, groceries, errands, and doctor appointments are only a few important uses. Please help me pray up a vehicle for this family. PHM... Full Message
GOD, I am in serious spiritual crisis and my world is crumbling down.providing for my wife and 1yr old sonhas become impossible. I feel satan is hitting back at me because am a cheerful giver.our family is also at stake because there is no property left nevery project we start never gets anywhere.every thing is a strugle since 2002 when my dad passed way.I am worn out completely.I believe the prayer of the righteous availeth much.... Full Message
lord lead shauniece to u in jesus name bless her wth her 6 children if its ur will for this one to come let it b done in jesus name...
lord bless me and benjamin return him home to me in jesus name let me b able to provide for him in every way love , money, food, patience, kindness lord i love my son so bad i wish for him to just come home to me n barbara , jesus name... Full Message
Prayers Answered